BC residents may see more wildfires this summer

National Observer says  1 million hectares was destroyed by 2017 BC Wildfires. (Twitter/ @BCGovFireInfo)

B.C.’s 2017 wildfire season was named the ‘worst ever’ wildfire in the provinces history.

According to a report from National Observer; the 2017 blaze lasted for 10 weeks,  about 6,500 people were evacuated, more than 190 homes were destroyed, and  over $568 million dollars were spent trying to contain the fire.

National Observer says in July and August people can expect to see elevated wildfire risks.

Also adding that BC may see yet another active wildfire season but it might be later than the one in 2017.

Ryan Turcot says open-fire restrictions are now in place in communities like Prince George and Kamaloops (Ryan Turcot/ @LinkedIn)


Information Officer for BC Wildfire Services, Ryan Turcot says its too early to say what this upcoming fire season will look like.

“There may be hotter temperatures heading into the core summer months. But that being said, that doesn’t tell us a whole lot at this point. Since temperature is one of many variables that indicate how to verify what the fire season could become.”-  Ryan Turcot, Information Officer for BC Wildfire

Turcot says that after looking at some weather model, this is  a computer program that predicts the weather conditions for future months.  It indicated that summer temperatures could be slightly above average which could mean an increase in wildfires.

BC Wildfire Services has a burn line where people can call if they suspect a fire, an interactive map which plots out all wildfires across BC, and updates for current wildfire activity.

What to hear more from Ryan Turcot? Click here to listen to his full interview.