Skin Care Safety: How to protect your skin for the summertime

Canadians born in the 1990’s are more likely to develop skin cancer. (Mummy Pages/Stock Images)

Summer months are quickly approaching and temperatures are expected to climb above 20 degrees throughout the Lower Mainland.

This Sunday high temperatures melted BC’s South Coast. Pemberton became Canada’s hot-spot, with a daily record high of 34 degrees. This heat wave has created more discussion about skin cancer and how to prevent it.

According to Canadian Cancer Society over 80,000 skin cancer cases are recorded each year in Canada, this type of cancer remains the most common type of cancer and the easiest to avoid.

Dr. Monica K. Li, Vancouver Dermatologist, says that her #1 skin care tip is sunscreen use. (Project Skin/ Dr Monica K.)


Vancouver Dermatologist, Dr. Monica K. Li, says sunscreen is so important for long-term skin protection.

“Sunscreen use is key for everyone. People should be using an SPF 30 or above. If they’re out being physically active they need to apply sunscreen every two hours” -Dr Monica K. Li,  Vancouver Dermatologist

Li also mentioned anyone enjoying beaches or pools during this summer should be using a water-proof sunscreen.

Dr. Li says she sees more than 50 pre-skin cancer and actual skin cancer cases in her office every month. Of all the cancers she says basil cell carcinoma is the most common type she comes across.

The hot weather is expected to stick around for the rest of this week with temperatures expected to spike to 28 degrees.