For the Record: Darkness Into Light

Harry Clews, one of the Darkness Into Light
Vancouver Committee members, holds up a
poster of inspirational messages people left at
the walk on Saturday May 12th.

Amy O’Sullivan, who founded the Vancouver chapter of Darkness Into Light, speaks about the annual 4am charity walk that raises money for local (Vancouver branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association) and international (Pieta House) mental health initiatives.

This year’s walk wrapped up this past Saturday and Amy tells us how it went, and why talking about mental health is more important than ever. Amy talks about mental health resources here in BC, the stigma behind talking about mental health, and why it’s ok to be not ok.

To get involved with Darkness Into Light, find them on Facebook, Twitter or read more about the organization on the Ireland-based website.

To access some of the mental health support services Amy mentioned, such as the BC crisis line, click here.

Click the link below for the full interview.