For the Record: Valentine’s Day tips and tricks from a dating coach

Anna Jorgenson founded
just over two years ago, but says she’s
been giving serious dating advice for at
least 10 years now. (

Love or hate this love-filled holiday, it’s happening. To alleviate some of the stress around talking to the opposite sex, finding dates, and enjoying life, I caught up with dating coach Anna Jorgenson.

Jorgenson is the founder of Wingmom, a website aimed at teaching singles how to find and keep a girlfriend.

Jorgenson’s most important tip is not to force anything. She says singles on Valentine’s Day should do what they enjoy with their friends, because when they meet that special someone, they’ll have lots of Valentine’s Days to spend with them.

Her other idea is for singles to treat themselves the way they would want their significant others to treat them. Whether it’s buying yourselves chocolate or flowers, do something you want to do on Valentine’s Days.

As for other advice, Jorgenson offers lots for both singles and people heading out on dates. Listen below to hear more of these tips and tricks to get yourself ready for love.