Here’s what you need to know – February 13

Colton Boushie

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is meeting with Colton Boushie’s family today after the not-guilty verdict enraged the Indigenous community. Rallies were held across the country after Gerald Stanley was found not-guilty for ‘accidentally’ shooting the 22 year old man Cree man. The family is calling for changes to the criminal justice system after an all white jury found Stanley innocent. Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould shared her condolences for the family.

In 2013, Supreme Court Judge Frank Iacobucci made recommendations to address the underrepresentation of Indigenous people’s in the court system. The federal government has yet to implement these recommendations.

The North East False Creek Plan

Vancouver City Council is voting for The North East False Creek Plan today. Chinatown activists are pushing for protection of the skyline and affordable housing.

The NEFC plan is a 20 year vision which will remove the Georgia Street viaducts at a cost of $365 million to restore Hogan’s Alley, a once vibrant black community in Vancouver.

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Throne Speech

At 2pm, John Horgan will be giving his Throne Speech to address the BC NDP’s plans on $10 a day childcare, housing affordability, and the budget. Follow our reporter Tiffany Goodwein @misstiff_94 for updates on the speech.

BC Premier John Horgan will be presenting the NDP’s Throne Speech today. (Alex Fraser/BCIT News)