Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson not seeking re-election

Mayor Gregor Robertson at the
Emergency Operations Centre Tour Wednesday (Veronica Beltran, BCIT News)

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson will not run for re- election for mayor in the upcoming fall municipal election.

In a statement posted on Facebook,  Robertson says the decision not to run was ” one of the hardest decisions of my life” and that he made the decision during the Christmas holidays .

Colleagues not really surprised by the decision

Some Vancouver city councilors say they are not shocked with Robertson’s announcement even though he had described his intentions to re-run for Mayor last year.

” I think this is something Mayor Gregor Robertson has been thinking about for sometime, but I certainly respect his decision after serving for 10 years .”

– Raymond Louie, Vancouver City Councillor

” I was a little surprised to hear that he made a decision yesterday that was different than what he said he was going to do but I thank him for his service.”

–  Melissa De Genova, Vancouver City Councillor

A legacy of Vision Vancouver ?

Robertson was first elected as Mayor in 2008 as a member of the Vision Vancouver party . With strong visions for the city, some say his strong visions for making the city great by trying to end homelessness and being green is a legacy he will surely leave behind.

” People have gone from believing that these things are impossible and no one should care about them to being like this is like the most important thing, why is it not being done yet .”

–  Andrea Reimer, Vancouver city councillor


 Key Moments in Robertson’s Mayoral Career.

Robertson served three terms as Mayor of Vancouver and was known for his focus on  environmental sustainability, transit  and housing.

He famously advocated for bike lane expansions throughout the city making it more appealing for cyclists

Robertson  also served three terms as the chair of the Mayors Council and pushed for better public transportation and  supporting  Skytrain expansions like the Evergreen Line and the Broadway subway line expansion . He was recently ousted by the position in December 2017 by Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan.

While his promise to end homelessness in Vancouver in 2015 fell flat with numbers in Vancouver spiking , Robertson fought for the country to have a national housing strategy .

” We were able to convince the Federal Government that the urban agenda was important …. We have alignments finally between the federal , provincial and , local government to deal with housing. This wasn’t the case years ago. ”

– Raymound Louie, Vancouver City Councillor


A Mayor not without Critics

Robertsons tenure as Mayor is not without its share of critics with public spending flops, bike lanes dividing cyclists and infuriating drivers, and a plan to end homelessness by 2015 completely squashed  .

Many critics have wondered if his position on housing is just a public relations ploy given how rent and real estate values continue to skyrocket.

” I’ve heard from a number of people who no longer live in the city of Vancouver because they can no longer afford to including Millennial’s  and seniors that they feel that Mayor Gregor Robertson’s promise to make our city more affordable were certainly a smoke screen .”



Moving on

Mayor Gregor Robertson said on twitter that he will be spending the next 10 months securing the Broadway-subway expansion and more affordable housing options . Robertson has yet to vocalize his plans after his time as mayor is up.