PETA activists hold unconventional protest against the dairy industry

Protestors wore baby costumes and carried breast balloons and signs.

PETA supporters wearing eight-foot-tall inflatable baby costumes gathered outside the Vancouver Convention Centre for an unconventional protest against the BC Dairy Industry’s conference.

Their message? Milk is not for human consumption.

The group of demonstrators is calling for the public to switch to vegan milks, yogurts and cheeses.

Organizers hoisted signs that read “Milk is for babies,” to protest the use of cow’s milk, and said it’s time for people to stop supporting the dairy industry.

“A lot of the cows become lame from standing on concrete surfaces and after only about 5 years of being kept constantly pregnant, the mother cows are sent to the slaughterhouse.” – Emily Lavender, PETA campaigner

She says that more and more people are opting for dairy free alternatives.

“The fact that there are vegan options at so many restaurants and grocery stores now just shows that there’s a demand for a cruelty free products. People are learning about the cruelty of the dairy industry and they want to support businesses that don’t harm animals.”  – Emily Lavender, PETA campaigner

The Dairy Farmers of Canada boasts its commitment to nutritious diets, healthy living conditions, and good veterinary care to all animals online. In a statement on their website, they encourage continuous improvements in animal health and safety on Canadian dairy farms.

“Canadian dairy farmers are committed to meeting high standards of welfare and care for their dairy animals. They support research at top Canadian universities to ensure that there are continuous improvements in their animals’ comfort, proper housing for cows and calves is provided, good feeding practices are implemented and animals receive the appropriate veterinarian care.” – Dairy Farmers of Canada

With files from Isabella Zavarise