“GoFundMe” page doubles $10K goal for collapsed Panorama Ridge basketball player

Alcoreza, bottom centre, collapsed during a
basketball game (BC Boys Basketball)

Students on the Panorama Ridge Secondary basketball team started a GoFundMe page after a player collapsed during a game at Holy Cross Secondary. The campaign, called “Support Raphael Alcoreza’s Family”  surpassed the team’s goal of raising $10,000 for him, in less than 24 hours.

On November 28th, Alcoreza subbed off the court, complaining that he felt dizzy. He was escorted outside by a Panorama Ridge Thunder coach, to get some air, where he then collapsed. The student was hooked up to an AED Machine, which did not shock his system, which was a good sign that he still had a faint heartbeat. Paramedics arrived on scene and took him to hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

Listen below to Holy Cross coach Jeff Dadson describe the events that transpired at the basketball game, and how Alcoreza’s condition progressed:

The GoFundMe campaign originally hoped to raise $10,000 for Alcoreza. (GoFundMe)

Alcoreza is still in critical condition in hospital, and has not woken up, but his family has not left the hospital and remains by his side, holding onto hope that he will be okay.

The group who started the campaign say the inspiration to fundraise came from their collective compassion for his family. The group says the whole community wanted to show the Alcoreza family that they are with them, and hoping for his recovery.

One teammate, who was among the Panorama Ridge Thunder group who started the GoFundMe campaign, says Alcoreza’s passion was basketball.

“I’ve known Raphael and his brother since elementary school and he’s always loved basketball. He’s my barber, and when he cuts my hair he always used to talk about how he wants to play in the Philippines… This is so tragic, for a person like him who’s so passionate and full of ambition, something like this is just so unfair for him.” – Harsimran Bhullar, former teammate

A recent update by the anonymous admin of the fundraiser page, which was posted under the name “Alumni Basketball” expressed the team’s initial reaction to surpassing their goal of $10,000 in under 24 hours.

“Reaching our goal for the Alcoreza family within hours shows the power our community has. We are astounded at the amount of love and support that’s being given to Raphael right now…. There are no words to express our gratitude for the family, friends and strangers who have donated and continue to donate as well as who have shared Raphael’s story. Thank you to all of you and may we continue to pray for Raphael” – ‘Alumni Basketball” on the GoFundMe page

The fundraiser is now doubling its original goal, at almost $21,000.