Suburban Swing’s dance fundraiser

Dancers take time to commemorate fallen officer John Davidson.

Jason and Crystal Warner are the owners of the Suburban Swing dance studio in Abbotsford, where they raised funds for the family of the fallen police officers, John Davidson, on Remembrance Day.

Corporal Davidson was killed on November 6th in the line of duty. Jason Warner says he has close ties with the Abbotsford police, which motivated him to start the fundraiser.

“…This was the first officer that has ever died with being shot… a lot of us have really been traumatized by it and so we’ve all come together.”

While the band plays and people dance, community members also commemorate their fallen comrade.

The Suburban Swing hosted a fundraiser for Corporal John Davidson.

Alicia Horner, a Suburban Swing regular, feels the impact of Davidson’s death: “He was a really good friend of my grandma’s, he was a really nice man. And whenever he talked to me he was always really nice and caring of me.”

Half of all ticket sales and direct donations are going to Davidson’s family. Jason Warner was proud to host the event.

“[Davidson] was really involved in community events so I think that is another reason why people are coming together.”

A public celebration of life for John Davidson will take place on November 19th at 1pm at the Abbotsford Centre.