Petition for more pet friendly housing in BC

Pet owners in Vancouver are supportive of the petition to change pet policies in B.C. (Danielle Carr/BCIT News)

Pets Ok BC is petitioning to change the pet policies in the Residential Tenancy Act. Organizer for Pets Ok BC Jordan Reichert says they’ve received a tremendous outpouring of community support for the petition.

“We’ve collected over ten thousand signatures so far, calling for an end to unreasonable pet polices in B.C.” -Jordan Reichert Pets Ok BC

Not everyone agrees with the petition. Landlords of B.C. CEO David Hutniak says this infringes on landlords rights.

“We don’t support it at all. We’re opposed to the whole notion of making it mandatory that all rental housing allow pets. The landlords are the ones making the investment and they should have the right to decide, because there’s a lot of damage costs associated with allowing pets.” -David Hutniak, CEO of Landlords of BC

Dudley’s owner says many strata’s turned him away because of size restrictions on dogs. (Danielle Carr/BCIT News)

Pets Ok BC Co-founder Erin Filtness says the right to have pets affects both renters and owners.

“Strata’s can limit the number, the size, the weight, or the type of pets people can have. I just think having pets is a right, and not all pets cause damage, it’s a tenant issue, and if every pet caused damage then home owners wouldn’t have them.” -Erin Filtness -Co-Founder, Pets Ok BC

Dog owners say they hope petition works because finding affordable housing in Vancouver that allows dogs is challenging. (Danielle Carr/BCIT News)

Some Vancouver pet owners are supportive of the petition.

“I think it’s a great idea. I had a really hard time finding a home for Dudley, because even when you do find a place that allows dogs they often have weight restrictions, or will only allow small dogs.” -Jeff Cultrarow -Pet Owner

“I definitely support it. I had the worst time finding a place, even faced renoviction over my dog. It’s terrible when you’re trying to find housing.”-Casey Lewis, Pet Owner

Pets Ok BC says they’ll be meeting with the housing minister in November to discuss how to make real change in creating friendlier pet policies in B.C.