Bear attacks woman in her own home.

Black bears could weigh from 80 to 300 kilograms (AuntieBelhams/Pinterest)

A 21 year old woman went outside her house in Mission this Sunday morning to see what her dogs were barking at.

Much to her surprise a bear jumped into the house, knocking the woman down on her back and started to bit her.

The victim`s boyfriend was able to scare the bear off  and take her to the hospital.

B.C conservation was called and the responding officer was also bitten by the bear, who came down from a tree where it was with two cubs.

The momma bear plus her two cubs have since been shot and killed. The officer and the woman both sustained minor injuries.

Inspector Murray Smith says that if you block the bears access to your food supplies, even the food you throw away, by securing it in a sealed bin, they won`t smell it, and if they don`t smell it, they won`t come near.

“Cause everytime they`re rewarded they come around and they want more, and they think: Oh, this is a really great food source, specially at this time of year when they`re at a mad panic trying to get food”  – Inspector Murray Smith.

WildSafeBC`s website has  these tips  that will help keep you and your family safe from bear attacks.

They say that about 55% of calls regarding bears are related to garbage outside your home.

Most commons reasons for a bear to attack. (

With interview files from Yonella Marcus.