Wild salmon caravan comes to Vancouver

Wild salmon caravan parade in Vancouver (Nick Cavello/BCIT News)

The Musqueam, Tslei Waututh and Squamish nations are celebrating the spirit of the wild salmon. The caravan is a mardi gras style parade travelling from Vancouver to the spawning grounds of the Adams River.

The Caravan’s first stop was at Trout Lake. Organizers say they want to shed light on the decline of salmon in a new way.

“Often when indigenous people come together to celebrate different issues around land and water it’s perceived as a protest. This is not a protest. It’s a sacred ceremony. And we have several people from all creeds and cultures waking up to the issues around salmon.” – Dawn Morrison Wild Salmon Caravan

The parade included story telling, singing, and drumming. (Nick Cavello/BCIT News)

Wild Salmon Caravan Community Arts Activator says the ceremonies are a way of welcoming people into their culture and to share strategies for salmon sustainability.

“For us bringing people together and feeding them is a large part of how we create this movement.  There’s been a scared plate put together for the spirit of the salmon that’s going to be delivered to the forest by our elders and matriarchs and prayers and songs that focus on launching this celebration the right way.  -Ronnie Dean Harris Wild Salmon Caravan Community Arts Activator

The parade took over the streets and stopping traffic before ending at Trout Lake. (Nick cavello/BCIT News)

The next stop on the Caravan’s itinerary will be at the Adam’s River on October 12th. The parade will start at the Chase Curling Club.


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