Concrete bowling ball challenge

BCIT Engineering students testing out concrete to prepare for ACI competition (Nick Cavallo/BCIT News)

BCIT civil engineering students are trying to make bowling balls out of concrete. The challenge is part of the American Institute of Concrete (ACI) competition where 35 teams from around the world will be competing to see who’ll have the best balls.

Vice President of the BCIT ACI says students are experimenting with different materials to see what makes the perfect ball.

BCIT ACI showing off some of the materials they’re trying out in their bowling ball mix. (Nick Cavallo/BCIT News)

“The whole point is to help students understand better what concrete actually is and how we can actually use our imagination to redesign the concrete. In this case here we can see we used perlite, styrofoam, previous years we use coconut shell, we use more styrofoam, so there’s different things we can be using it’s all about trial and error.” -Michelle Chung BCIT ACI Vice President

One of the previous year’s bowling ball models. (Nick Cavallo/BCIT News).

The competition will be held in Salt Lake City Utah where the balls will be judged based on weight and durability. President of the BCIT ACI says they’re hoping to cement the right mix before then.

“To get ready from this competition we’ve got to do a lot of testing, to figure out what our mix is actually going to be, it’s not enough to just build something great, you have to know what you’re building. That’s kind of the challenge of engineering. Can we build what we think we can build.” – BCIT ACI President Josh Scaffold

BCIT ACI students won first place in 2011 and they’re hoping they’ll take home the number one spot again this year.


With files from Nick Cavallo