For The Record: Jason Goodnough, BCIT Prosthetics Head

The SnugKap is a 3-D printed cranial band for babies with flat head. The band is designed by BCIT Prosthetics head Jason Goodnough. (Jason Goodnough/HeadStart Medical)

Jason Goodnough is the head of BCIT’s Prosthetics program and the man behind a 3-D helmet for babies with flat heads.

Infants and kids who develop flat head (plagiocephaly) often need treatment in the form of a cranial band (helmet). While plastic helmets have been around for long, Goodnough designed 3-D printed helmets that are one-third the weight of traditional helmets.

The 3-D printed helmet, called SnugKap, is made of biodegradable material, is lighter, thinner and cooler. Goodnough says the Snugkap allows for treatment to start much earlier compared to regular helmets. Parents can compost the helmet once the baby doesn’t need it anymore.