Burnaby man awaiting sentence in harassment trial

Patrick Fox and Desiree Capuano exchanged e-mails (Desiree Capuano/Facebook)

A Burnaby man is awaiting his sentence  in his trial for criminal harassment against his ex-wife, Desiree Capuano.

Patrick Fox was found guilty in June of posting to a ‘revenge site’ he created to disparage Capuano.  Fox’s posts to the ‘revenge site’ depicted his now ex-wife as “a drug addict, a child abuser, a white supremacist, a narcissist and just an all around bad person”.  There were several e-mails sent between Fox and Capuano, Fox said these emails were meant to antagonize him and inspired him to create the site.

The ‘revenge site’ that Fox created is detailed and was posted to regularly (BCIT News)

Crown Council Mark Myhre has asked  the judge for Fox to serve 2-3 years for criminal harassment.  Myhre has also asked for Fox to serve a sentence of  6-12 months for possession of secondary firearms, as well as 3 years probation.

Myhre says Fox used the website as a means to make Capuano’s life miserable, and that a criminal harassment charge was warranted.

“When your trying to inflict psychological damage, that can constitute criminal harassment – however you do that, whether its a website, whether its repeated phone calls, whether its sitting outside somebody’s place of work, if you’re trying to make them scared or make them miserable – it might be criminal harassment.” – Mark Myhre.

Fox is awaiting his sentence at the Vancouver Law Courts today (Cheyenne Bergenhenegouwen/BCIT News)

Fox, who is representing himself throughout the trial has not yet made his submission of his desired sentence to the courts.