Tent city energized after city injunction denied

Crystal Cardinal standing in front of tent city in Vancouver. (Beth Mariam/BCIT News)

Crystal Cardinal  has been on council team in Tent city for three weeks. This means Cardinal manages the lot, located at 950 Main. The lot is is now occupied by several dozen homeless people. 

The protesters are demanding affordable housing. Cardinal says the council has had to turn people away because it’s so filled with tents and people.But, she says it has to be done.

“We make decision, who comes, who stays and who goes. There’s about 5 of us in council”- Crystal Cardinal, Tent city council

 Just this week,  a BC Supreme Court justice denied the city’s request for an injunction to remove tent city. Justice Neena Sharma said in her ruling that tent city provides more relief to homeless people in Vancouver that it does any harm.

The city of Vancouver found that in 2016, 1,847 were homeless – which was a 6%  increase from the previous year.

Since the injunction was denied, Cardinal says she’s hopeful things will turn out they way she wants.

“Since I’ve been here for 3 weeks. We have a good handle on the situation, we check everybody, check names, put numbers on tent so we know who’s who, I’m hopeful.Our goal is to find everybody suitable housing for now. There’s hope there, we’re still trying, we’re not giving up.”” – Crystal Cardinal, Tent city council

Cardinal says she won’t stop until the government agrees to provide affordable housing for the homeless.