B.C boy wants public to support B.C Children’s Hospital

Faris Abdulwahab says the BC Children’s Hospital gives him the extensive care he needs (Beth Mariam/ BCIT News)

Faris Abdulwahab is a 13 year old Burnaby boy who  says he wouldn’t be getting the care he needs if it weren’t for the world class care at Children’s hospital. He was born with osteogenesis, also known as brittle bone disease which requires many serious treatments.

“I got this surgery called the shish kabob surgery, where they cut my bones in pieces like a shish kabob and put a metal rod through it to straighten it out. At the video archives of BC Children’s Hospital, I could really see that my bones were bent. There’s also drugs that I use every 6 months that straighten my bones, so it’s a lot of work being done by them”- Faris Abdulwahab 

Tanya Linau who is part of the team at the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (Beth Mariam/BCIT News)

Tanya Linau works at the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation says , since 1982 the money raised goes to funding equipment and research to help kids like Abdulwahab.

“There’s a lot of research that happens at the hospital. Everything from  genetic research, to oncology research, diabetes.We also fund Sunny Hill Health Centre, a facility offsite. It’s for kids with disabilities and kids who need rehabilitation.” – Tanya Linau, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

Lina  says there’s many different ways to get involved and support the hospital. She says people can participate in events like Jeans Day or even hold their own fundraisers.The foundation raises money to make life manageable for kids with a wide range of health issues. She says it’s the only kind of facility for Children in British Columbia.

“ We see over 86, 000 kids every year on average. A lot of the kids do come from Vancouver, but a majority of the kids , 67%  come from outside of Vancouver. We’re the only Children’s hospital in BC.  It’s kids from every corner of BC who come and see us. Some kids come for broken bones and other kids come for cancer treatment” – Tanya Linau, Children’s Hospital Foundation

Abduwahab says that without his time at the hospital, he wouldn’t be where he is now.

“It’s groundbreaking research being done there, without it a lot of people would just be at home doing nothing.” – Faris Abdulwahab 

 Abdulwahab says taking part in Jeans day  earlier this month was  a fun way to get involved. He says if people want to help kids like him, they should support the hospital as much as they can.