For the Record: Pet Friendly Housing (Pets OK BC)

Elliot Galan poses with pups at an outdoor event (Pets OK BC/Facebook)

Pets OK BC is a organization fighting to change legislation to make it easier for pet owners to find rental accommodations in Vancouver. Currently it is very difficult to rent if you have dogs, cats, birds or any other animal companion. Currently, landlords are allowed to discriminate against pet owners from renting their property. Eliott Galan, one of the co-founders of Pets OK BC, aims to change that. The BC Legislature allegedly disregarded their online petition with 14,000 signatures because only paper petitions are recognized by the Legislature.

Galan claims tenants with pets barely damage a home more than a tenant without pets. Host Chanel Klein discusses the pressures all renters face from a overheated market with Galan. Having a pet in the family doesn’t make it any easier to find a home.