UBC Board votes unanimously to step up response to sexual assault

The UBC Board of Governors have put together a new policy around sexual assault. (UBC Board of Governors)

The UBC Board of Governors has unanimously voted to pass a new sexual assault policy.

Policy 131 makes new commitments of how the University will approach sexual assault.

The main problem with how UBC dealt with sexual assault, according to Sarah Jane Finley, Co-chair and associate vice-president for Equity and Inclusion with UBC, was because it was covered under multiple policies and multiple processes.

The new policy takes all of the information relating to sexual assault that the Univesity has on sexual assault and brings them together into one place.

Finley says the final draft will make important commitments to UBC students and to the community.

UBC Board of Governors have introduced a new sexual assault policy for the university. (UBC)

“Both in the physical establishment of a sexual violence prevention and response office. In the creation of a new and separate investigation processes. But also I think in espousing the values and the approach that it’s going to take in regards to sexual assault on campus.” – Sarah Jane Finley, Co-chair and associate vice-president for Equity and Inclusion, UBC.

The BC government passed a bill in May 2016 giving all educational institutions in BC a year to come up with their own sexual assault policy.

The new sexual assault policy, Policy 131, will go into effect on May 18th.

With files from Hana Mae Nassar