Pot activist calls Liberal plan to legalize pot ‘too strict’

The federal Liberals tabled legislation on Thursday which will allow adults to buy small amounts of marijuana for personal use by July 2018. (Dank Depot/Flickr)

Local marijuana activist Dana Larsen weighed in on the federal government’s plan to legalize pot by summer 2018, saying it’s still to restrictive.

The proposed Liberal legalization bill for recreational use requires that people must be at least 18 years old and carry no more than 30 grams. Larsen says though he is pleased progress in being made on the issue, the country is still much harsher on marijuana compared to alcohol.

“It’s still treated in Canada more strictly than we treat alcohol. And considering that cannabis is much safer than alcohol, I think that’s inappropriate. As an example, it puts in a 14-year maximum penalty for providing cannabis to a minor compared to just a fine in most provinces for selling alcohol to a minor.” – Dana Larsen, Pot activist.

Larsen adds that he believes minors should not be facing charges for possessing marijuana.

“There’s a lot of flaws in this legislation that will have to be addressed. I think the cannabis movement has a lot of work to do. Hopefully this gets passed into law sooner rather than later.” – Larsen.

With files from Erich Dachwitz.

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