NDP announces youth mentor-ship program to curb gang violence

NDP leader John Horgan announces new program to curb youth violence. (David Matta, BCIT News)

BC NDP leader John Horgan announced Monday evening that the NDP will be introducing a new youth mentor-ship program to help curb gang violence.

The NDP will roll out the initiative in partnership with the RCMP to pair up kids that might be going astray with positive influences.

“These are kids that can use mentors and role models,” said John Horgan. “You pair people up, and you make sure that they’re getting the positive reinforcements that they need.”

Horgan said teachers in Surrey schools will identify kids who are heading down the wrong path and connect them with the new mentor-ship program. He also said that smaller class sizes would allow teachers to implement the program a lot easier.

The program doesn’t have a set date for when it will be introduced, but Horgan said they are committed to funding $500,000 a year, specifically in Surrey schools.

“Of course with the under funding that has been going on with special needs teachers, counselors, and so on… we haven’t had the resources in the classroom. So this is a program that supplements that to a degree, but it is outside of the school curriculum,” said John Horgan.