UBC cafe offers local and organic food choices to students during exam season


Agora Cafe logo (Twitter/@agoraeats)

It’s midterm season at UBC, and students are more stressed than ever with exams. Agora Cafe offers local, organic foods at affordable prices. All their ingredients come from the UBC Farm and garden.

The cafe is ran by students from UBC’s land and food systems program, where they learn many basics of healthy eating through several different classes. They use these tips to contribute towards making healthy, tasty foods for students.

In celebration of thrive week, also known as mental health awareness week, Agora is serving peppermint vegan brownies to students.

“The brownies combine the warm and yummy feeling of chocolate, which can provide a boost to your brain, and the benefits of peppermint, which can relax you when you’re stressed” -Scott Rosenhek, Co-GM, Agora Cafe

Agora supports local and organic agriculture by purchasing the majority of its produce from the UBC Farm and the LFS Orchard Garden. During a time when students are very stressed out about exams, the Cafe offers healthy, and brain powering snacks and a relaxing environment to study and relax.

The cafe offers tons of healthy snacks, including homemade granola bars, and sandwich and soup combos for just five bucks.

You can find the full TV story below.
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