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  • Troitsky Bridge Competition Update

    Popsicle sticks.. Everywhere. I see them in my sleep, find them in my bag, I can't escape these small wooden boards. Why? Because myself and six other 4th year Civil Engineering students are competing in the 2017 Troitsky bridge building competition! For this competition we need to build a bridge out of only popscicle sticks, glue and dental floss ... Read more →

  • Thank you!

    Hey everyone! I finally got around to posting the final part of my BCIT JDC West Experience. The video is down below. I just want to take this time to thank everyone who has made my JDC West Experience memorable. Thank you to my teammates and BCIT faculty that made the whole experience possible ... Read more →

  • Last- Last Semester at BCIT

    Well my final semester of Civil Engineering at BCIT is underway and it has been a doozy so far. Between my Capstone project, Troitsky bridge competition, looking for jobs and all of my other classes my free time has been non-existent. Check out my newest video for a window into this crazy busy time ... Read more →

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