A message from our President

The following message was sent to all BCIT students on February 2, 2016

You may have read or heard recent news stories about the Burnaby RCMP’s arrest of an individual at our Burnaby Campus late last year related to voyeurism. This behaviour is unacceptable and we take this very seriously.

Given this, I wanted to reach out tonight to assure you that your safety and wellbeing at BCIT are very important to us.
This incident has also encouraged me to reflect on our communication approach with our campus community. I believe we can improve. You have my assurance we will communicate with you in a timely way in future.
I would like to acknowledge the RCMP for their quick and thorough response to this incident. The RCMP believe that there might have been further incidents and are appealing to the public to come forward if they have any information that may assist with their investigation. You may contact Burnaby RCMP Constable Clint Paisley at 604-656-3245.
As a reminder, free and confidential counselling services are available for all students who may have been impacted and we encourage you to make an appointment at BCIT Student Health and Counseling Services in Building SE16-128 or by calling 604-432-8608.
If you would like to learn more about some of the measures we have in place, our Safety, Security and Emergency Management services include:
  • Safer Walk – If you want someone to accompany you to your campus destination, please call 604-451-6856 . This service is available 24/7 at the Burnaby Campus.
  • Safety, Security and Emergency Management is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you can reach them at 604-451-6856;
  • Blue emergency telephones are located throughout our campuses and provide direct lines to BCIT Security;
  • Security guards are on site and available 24/7; and
  • In-house telephones are located throughout the main buildings on all BCIT campuses for key internal calls, including BCIT Security. 
Thank you,
Kathy Kinloch


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2 Responses to A message from our President

  1. Jesse Darnell says:

    I am disappointed that I learned about this from a reporter on campus this morning rather than from administration. I had students asking me in class this morning why nobody told them about this situation. I had no answers for them.

    I am struggling to understand why we, the BCIT community, were not informed about this serious incident. Why were we kept in the dark for months about this? Why were we not informed so that we could be aware and help to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future?

  2. Jocelyne Leszczynski says:

    Thank you for your comment Jesse. We agree that our communication should have been quicker and more thorough and we support the President’s (Kathy Kinloch’s) commitment to improve.

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