Behind The Scenes: Charlie Wilson’s War Scene Re-Creation!


Hope you have all been enjoying your week!

As promised last week I mentioned I was going to talk about my groups scene re-creation and share some behind the scenes pictures.

We are given three weeks to shoot this project and then a few more on top of that to edit and finalize it for the screening day. My group decided to re-create two scenes from the movie ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’.



The first scene is the one with Cravely and Gust fighting in the office. This particular scene is unique because towards the end Gust actually breaks the office window (sorry if I’m spoiling it for you). We had a hard time deciding if we wanted to get break away prop glass to use or if we wanted to create the affect digitally. We decided to go with building the effect in After Effects. Overall this shoot day went really well and we are very happy with the footage we got.




The other scene we shot was the chess scene. We actually filmed both scenes on the BCIT campus and the chess scene was filmed at the gazebo near the gym.

IMG_0232This shoot day was quite miserable and we struggled to keep our equipment dry. Overall though it was a really great experience and we learned a lot to help us out with our next production! We will be screening our final project for the class this Friday.


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Mikayla. 🙂

Question for the comments: If you had to Re-Create any scene from a movie, what would you choose? Let me know!

Photo Cred: Emily Chew!

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