BCIT grad’s sitcom in running for CBC’s ComedyCoup

GATN Poster - MedA down-on-his-luck guy is forced to take a dangerously unpredictable, all-powerful ninja as his roommate. Sound like the plot of a TV sitcom? It is. Or, to be accurate, could be.

Written by Jeremy Abbott, a 2011 graduate of BCIT’s Television and Video Production program, along with his team Jonathan Chuby (co-director/co-star) and Daniel Stark (producer), Geoff and the Ninja is a finalist in a major competition being held by CBC called ComedyCoup, where teams of three build a pitch for a new sitcom. The winner will get a $500K budget to produce a pilot episode, due to air next fall in a prime time slot.

The concept for the comedy developed when Jeremy first moved to Vancouver eight years ago. “I was staying with Jon (who plays Geoff),” says Jeremy. “We’ve been filming shorts since grade 12 and we joked about what a pair of ninja roommates would be like.”

“I actually wrote several scripts and we tried to film it as a web series but couldn’t find the people and resources back then to make it happen so it’s just sat on the back burner ever since,” he continues. “As soon as we heard about ComedyCoup we knew it was perfect!”

Jeremy Abbott

Jeremy Abbott

“We shot and edited the whole thing in three days, submitting it 40 minutes before the deadline,” recounts Jeremy. “Though I’ve been working in small-time TV editing and video production since grad, none of us are established in the media and we spent less than $100 to make our trailer.”

Geoff and the Ninja is competing against pitches whose teams include successful comedians or actors, award-winning writers and directors, and big budgets with large sets, casts, and crew. Despite that, Geoff and the Ninja made it into the top 110 (out of 285) amongst the top fifteen most popular projects.

Fans have until Dec. 10, 2014 to vote for their favourite ComedyCoup projects. The pool of potential projects will be narrowed down to 50 and then 15. The top 50 and subsequently the top 15 will be chosen based on a combination of performance indicators on social networks and voting results among other criteria.

Watch (and vote for!) Geoff and the Ninja on ComedyCoup.



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