Marine Engineering and Nautical Sciences student supporter visits Marine Campus


L-R: Jeff Otto, co-op coordinator, BCIT; Greg Wight, president and CEO, Algoma Central Corporation; and Bill Verran, acting associate dean, BCIT Marine Campus.

Before BCIT Marine Engineering and Nautical Sciences students can obtain their diplomas and certification, they must complete a number of co-op work terms, or “sea phases,” as they are called in the marine industry.

Algoma Central Corporation owns Canada’s largest domestic fleet of vessels operating on the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Waterway, and is a strong supporter of BCIT Marine students. Serving aboard ships in Algoma’s fleet allows students to obtain the critical sea time required to one day become captains or chief engineers of these ships.

Greg Wight, president and CEO of Algoma , visited the BCIT Marine Campus recently to speak with students. He spoke of “building for the future” with the company’s purchase of new ships, the Equinox Class. BCIT’s Marine Engineering and Nautical Sciences students, he noted, can help Algoma meet the need for crewing these new and sophisticated ships.

Algoma Officers and Cadets

To demonstrate how much support Algoma gives the BCIT Marine Campus, students who work with Algoma were asked to stand. As you can see, a significant portion of the class population rose.

One of the business challenges facing Algoma is that 52 per cent of the current ships’ crew are over the age of 50. But for those just starting a career in the marine industry, this equals great prospects ahead as current employees retire. The BCIT Marine Campus greatly appreciates the significant contribution and commitment Algoma has made to the development of BCIT students in their pursuit in becoming ship Captains or Chief Engineers.



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