BCIT grad designs Major League Baseball stadium

Geoff Cheong

Geoff Cheong at Marlins Park, the stadium he helped design.

BCIT grad Geoff Cheong has hit the big time. Like, stadium big.

A graduate of both the Architectural and Building Technology diploma (2004) and Architectural Science degree (2007) programs, Geoff recently saw Miami’s new Marlins Park stadium completed – a project he was heavily involved in as part of his work at global sports architecture practice Populous.

Geoff was part of the core design team responsible for the conception, development, and documentation of the architecture for the stadium, which is home to the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball team. His role extended through both the design and construction phases, over a three year period.

“If you think about it, we spend the majority of our lives inside buildings,” says Geoff. “But usually only a small percentage of that time is spent inside an arena or stadium. To me, that’s what makes these buildings so special. They bring people together for a short moment in time to celebrate sport, culture, and entertainment. They are the foundation for lasting memories and unforgettable experiences. Sure, we design big buildings, but more importantly, we design big experiences.”

Geoff Cheong

“I was, and continue to be heavily involved with athletics in my daily life,” Geoff continues. “When I got into architecture, I didn’t specifically envision myself becoming involved with the stadium sector of the industry, however, the thought of melding my two passions into a career became more and more appealing as time went on.”

BCIT helped Geoff make his career goals a reality. “BCIT teaches skills for the current industry; it’s that simple. I found the transition from my education to the professional industry to be straightforward, and almost seamless. To me, that says a lot about what BCIT has to offer. I’ve already been presented with incredible opportunities in my career, and I owe that in large part to my education. I was able to fall into an immediate and demanding role, and use the tools from my education to produce quality results.”

Geoff’s career is, in many ways, just beginning. He was recently profiled in UK-based Stadia magazine as one of sports architecture’s biggest rising stars, and is currently at work on the Quebec City Amphitheatre. You can read more about Geoff in the March 2012 issue of Stadia (article begins on page 10).

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