BCIT celebrates National Nursing Week

National Nursing Week runs May 7 – 13. All week, nurses across the province and throughout the country will be taking part in local celebrations and attending symposiums and other special events.

In celebration of National Nursing Week, BCIT’s Nursing and Specialty Nursing programs sent The Leader Who Had No Title, a new book by Robin Sharma, to areas where BCIT students engage in clinical learning. The department is also collecting loonies and toonies to donate to the BC History of Nursing Society.

“BCIT partners with a wide variety of nurses in community and hospital settings,” says Cheryl Isaak, associate dean, Specialty Nursing. “Their support and commitment to students learning in practice is terrific!”

On May 14 and 15, BCIT will host the BC Lab Educators Conference, hosting nursing educators from many of the nursing schools from BC and western Canada.  The conference mandate is to share information and best practice in educating student nurses.

Learn more about National Nursing Week and check out the BCIT Nursing program.

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