Open House 2012 by the numbers

BCIT prosthetics

A visitor to the Prosthetics and Orthotic program's Open House display tries a prosthetic arm on for size.

18,000: number of visitors to the Burnaby Campus during Open House 2012
128: Number of student volunteers who directed traffic, answered questions, and guided tours.
35: Number of busloads of elementary and secondary school students visiting
1,421: Number of ice cream cones given out by Refrigeration students
503: Number of fingerprints identified at the Forensics display
750: Number of Stanley Cup keychains machined and handed out by Machinist students
13: Number of large, blue Stanley CupsĀ machined and handed out by Machinist students
3: Number of rocks given as trophies to winners of the most sustainable display
2,500: Number of bags of popcorn given out in SW9
200: Number of birdhouses welded by visitors to the Welding display
5,800: Number of feet of vertical column climbed by Steelworking students
1: Number of cars cut open by the Burnaby Fire Department
160: Number of shot glasses manufactured and handed out by Mechanical Engineering students

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