Engineering campaign features BCIT grads

Civil Engineering

From left to right: BCIT grads Mike Denbok (Project Coordinator), Robert Horvath (Project Director) and Nick Bevilacqua (Structural Engineer).

Don’t just hope for change: engineer it. That’s the message behind the newly-launched campaign promoting BCIT engineering programs.

BCIT grads star in two ad creatives. The first shows Architectural Building Technology alumni Mike Denbok and Robert Horvath of VanMar Constructors working alongside Civil Engineering alumnus Nick Bevilacqua of Bogdonov Pao Associates on a new building for the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver. Coincidently, the Centre for Digital Media is home to the Masters of Digital Media program, which is jointly accredited by BCIT and three other leading Canadian post-secondary institutions.

engineering - mechatronics

Left: Marc Alfonso, president of PLC Electronics. Far right: Nathan Morrison, operations manager, PLC Electronics.

The second ad shows Marc Alfonso, president of PLC Electronics, working with a client, while Nathan Morrison, operations manager, PLC Electronics, works in the background. Both Marc and Nathan graduated from the Mechatronics and Robotics program.

Thanks to our wonderful grads for participating in our campaign!

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  1. zahra says:

    Is there any position to pursue my studies towards a M.Sc. degree in Civil department?

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