The True North strong and innovating

Terrace Innovation Boot Camp (from left to right) Dean Prelazzi (BCIC), Dana Higgins (BCIT), Renata King (NDIT), Thomas Hu (CRA-SR&ED), Scarlett Shan (NRC-IRAP), Christine Slanz (NSIS), Toby Astill (BCIT), Tony Asseiro (BCIT).

In the first week of November, BCIT’s Toby Astill, Tony Asseiro, and Dana Higgins visited Northern British Columbia as part of the first Innovation Boot Camp series organized by Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT). Over 60 participants attended three one-day workshop sessions with presentations from various industry experts with a goal of assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs in taking their idea from concept to commercialization. The presenters were kept on their toes on a whirlwind tour with stops in Fort St. John, Prince George and Terrace to meet with small business owners, innovators, entrepreneurs and regional partners throughout the region.

The BCIT Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP) team presented on various topics including the Commercialization Roadmap, Market Research and Intellectual Property.  Other panel experts included representation from the B.C. Innovation Council (BCIC), University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), Scientific Research and Experimental Development (CRA-SR&ED),  Build in Canada Innovation Program (formerly Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program [CICP]), Community Futures, and various regional associations.

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