From hands-on education to hands-on career

BCIT alumnus Brent Reddick with a Sikorsky S-76A and the silver medal he won at the 2010 Canadian Skills Competition.

When Brent Reddick graduated from high school, he wasn’t sure what kind of career he wanted. He just knew he had a hankering to do something that involved working with his hands.

Not yet certain of his vocational goal, Brent went on to work for the City of Langley’s parks department, until he decided to set his sights a little higher… on BCIT’s aerospace technology school. Influenced by the good things he had heard about the Institute, he enrolled in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Category ‘M’ (Maintenance) program, and graduated in June 2009 with a Diploma of Technical Studies.

For Brent, his experience with BCIT’s AME-M program checked all the right boxes. “The brand-new campus with all the state-of-the-art equipment made for an enjoyable learning experience,” he explains. “The program structure of having half the day for lectures and the other half for hands-on work made the material exciting to learn.” He adds that the compressed 16-month program also allowed him to “get out working in the field quicker.”

Today, Brent uses his aircraft maintenance skills as an AME-M Apprentice with Canadian Helicopters, where he is currently working on the Sikorsky S-76A, an essential aircraft that is used as an air ambulance. “BCIT gave me the credentials required for me to acquire my first job and start my career in this field,” he says. “I love fixing something that flies.”

Yesterday, he started out as a student looking for a hands-on education. Today, he is a skilled AME-M apprentice with a hands-on career. And tomorrow? Brent plans to come full-circle, bringing his exciting career back to where it all began. “I am hoping that in about a year from now, I will have enough experience to get my AME-M licence and, believe it or not, my ultimate goal would be to one day teach at the BCIT Aerospace Campus.”

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