Cut your costs and carbon footprint with a Kill A Watt

Want to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bill? Borrow a Kill A Watt Meter from the BCIT Library.

The Kill A Watt can measure the individual power use of anything that can be plugged into a power outlet: computers, TVs or appliances, for example. The idea behind the device is that if people are aware of when and how they are using energy they may be able adjust their habits and lighten the load.

In partnership with the GAIT Lab, BCIT Library started lending out Kill A Watt Meters last fall. At the same time, they launched a semester-long contest asking students for their best energy-saving ideas for BCIT, and asking instructors how they could use a Kill A Watt Meter in the classroom.

Kill-a-Watt meter

The Kill A Watt meter

The two student winners were awarded BCIT bookstore gift certificates and a third was awarded a runner-up prize of a Kill A Watt Meter. Their submissions have been forwarded to Alexandre Hebert, BCIT’s Energy and Sustainability Manager.

Instructor Barry Johnson, of the School of Health Sciences, won a Kill A Watt for his idea to use the device to demonstrate the conversion of electrical energy (in terms students understand) into biological energy, released as heat.

While contest has ended, Kill A Watts are still available on a seven day loan from the Burnaby Campus Library.

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