The Acoustics of Vancouver’s Residential Laneways

Upcoming Campus Student Project:

Rainwater Harvesting System to Irrigate Living Wall and Green Roofs on Elevated Lab

A 5000-gallon rainwater harvesting cistern will be installed at the southern corner of the NE4 Carpentry area, to be used for irrigation for green roof plots, green walls and green facades associated with the Elevated Lab.  This is going to be a collaborative, hands-on project involving students and staff from the Piping Department, the Centre for Architectural Ecology, Campus Planning, and Facilities.  It is the hope of the project initiators that the students will be able to gain valuable experience in helping to put together the piping and pumps required for this sustainable irrigation system.

25feet tall exterior green wall at BCIT

25feet tall exterior green wall at BCIT entry to the Elevated Lab