Ranking the new 2017 MLS jerseys

The MLS season is upon us. Every year each team releases at least one new jersey thanks to league requirements. Now that the 2017 season kits have all been released, it’s time to rank them. This year seems to be a bit of a down year in terms of looks, a lot of the styles are simple, plain, and downright uninspired. So let’s get started.

1. Orlando City SC- Primary Kit


Purple and gold are a beautiful mix. The kit continues the simplistic style of this year, but with a stunning and bold color scheme. The gold lion on the crest pops and is definitely an eye catcher. It’s a great upgrade from the purple and white of last year.

2. Portland Timbers- Primary Kit

There’s a common theme amongst these top 5 jerseys, and it’s the gold accents. Portland took one of their best and top selling jerseys and reworked it to be their primary this year. The green is a nicer shade and the gold an even golder (if that’s even a word), it’s a total upgrade from that past alternate jersey. There’s no doubt the rabid Timber fans will snatch this one up like crazy.

3 Columbus Crew – Primary Kit

nitThank you Columbus for return to full on yellow kits. The kits bold yellow base and checkered side stripe are reminiscent of the great kits Columbus once dawned. Great choice to go back to solid yellow. Black and yellow baby!

4. Atlanta United FC-Primary Kit

This is one of the kits that stands out most this year. Red, black,and gold in my opinion are the best color scheme possible. Literally anything with a gold accent is a winner. Solid black stripes and a red base are a mixture of the historic AC Milan kits that are world famous. Atlanta did well for their first ever kit.

5. LA Galaxy- Secondary Kit

Classic dark blue, this is where simplicity is completely fine. The dark blue combined with the blue Adidas stripes and cuffs are a great combination. I love the off colored, uneven lines on the front of the jersey. They give it a feeling of depth. Great solid jersey for a solid team.

6. DC United- Secondary Kit

This kit is out there and that’s why it’s in the top 10. It’s a unique design that many people have been criticizing. I think it looks like super hero armor, like Spiderman kind of. Why would you not wanna look like a soccer playing Spiderman? I love it, ya’ll can hate it if you want, but it stands out among the simplicity of other kits.

7. Chicago Fire- Secondary Kit

Call 9-1-1 because this kit is FIRE! Best Fire kit in a long time. The grey is a nice change to seeing white away kits all the time.Love the blue secondary color combination too. The Valspar sponsor logo actually looks good on it too.

8. Philadelphia Union- Secondary Kit

Best white kit this season. The navy blue sleeves and blue side stripe are sleek. A solid black badge, absolutely beautiful on that solid white. I love everything about this kit and I’ve never been a huge fan of Union kits.

9. Seattle Sounder- Secondary Kit

Another white kit, but the Sounders made sure it was classy. It’s supposedly a call back to older kits from their 40 years of soccer history. The added collar and old NASL logo on the back are super attractive on a normally basic kit.

10. Atlanta United FC- Secondary Kit

A simple red and white, a perfect look for the first ever secondary kit for Atlanta. I think the barely visible stripes going across the body of the kit helps make the it look less boring than a solid white.

11. Toronto FC- Primary Kit

Toronto hasn’t really had to change much. The solid red and black sleeves still make it one of the best kits in the league. If only they could get rid of BMO as the shirt sponsor, it just looks out of place on a solid kit. It’s just another year where Toronto hasn’t disappointed. And that silver maple leaf…very nice.

12. Montreal Impact- Secondary Kit

Clean, and fresh is how you can describe the new Montreal secondary kit. Very reminiscent of the snow that covers Montreal every year. The blue accents looking stunning fitting along with the white. One more word for this kit: CRISP!

13. Houston Dynamo- Primary Kit

A clean orange kit. Not much to say about it as it follows classic Houston jerseys. The orange and white just makes it look fresh, but doesn’t really wow the eye. Best part about it, the sponsor logo isn’t obnoxiously large.

14. Minnesota United FC- Secondary Kit

Minnesota could have had a better showing for it’s new kits. The silver shoulders are what makes the shirt and of course the badge. They do have the best badge in the MLS.

15.Colorado Rapids- Secondary Kit

It’s another rehash of a previous jersey. I actually really love the yellow and blue. My question is why do the red and blue badge? It doesn’t look good on the yellow. There’s also a red button on the collar… I dunno Colorado is a funny place.

16. FC Dallas- Secondary Kit

No hoops, but there are stars. I honestly think it’s an upgrade from past Dallas secondary kits. But no way is it better than their home kits. The faded fronts are also stupid. They clearly didn’t learn from Columbus’ disaster of a jersey last year. The top and button up is nice though.

17. New York City FC- Primary Kit

It’s boring and obviously a Manchester City copy. They should be doing more with the New York flag colors. Mets and Knicks blue and orange are the best color combo in sports. Other than it being boring and uninspired there’s nothing really aesthetically wrong with the kit.  

18. Sporting KC- Primary Kit

It’s fancy, and has a nice collar. It’s not too exciting , but there’s definitely nothing wrong with it. The white stripes go nicely with the completely white pants. I think it’ll look even better when worn on field.  

19. San Jose Earthquakes- Primary Kit

The only reason why this isn’t at the very end of the list is because the design is so much different than any other jersey. It’s carrying over that earthquake fault line design from their nicer kits from the last couple years. It looks like a beer league jersey though, and the giant sponsor logo makes it look worse.

20. New England Revolution- Secondary Kit

Split jerseys aren’t the best. I like the combination of the colors, I just think the split ruins the jersey. It supposed to resemble the American flag. Everyone loved the white and red stripped USA jerseys, they should have done that.

21. Minnesota United- Primary Kit

The unique Minnesota colors are awesome, the kit not so much. The slash and sponsor logo ruins it. I just think they clash together. The silver and light blue complement each other so well. But I just can’t get over the look of the white target logo getting in the way.

22. Real Salt Lake- Secondary Kit

It’s just white. It’s boring too. RSL has a great color combination and none of it is shown off on this jersey. RSL is starting to disappoint with every new jersey release.

23. New York Red Bulls- Primary Kit

What the heck is this design supposed to be? It’s just a whole bunch of lines coming across the jersey. It’s not even a proper pattern. Red Bull jerseys have always been nice solid jerseys even with that annoying giant sponsor logo on it. But no this is terrible. Seriously it’s just lines!  

24. Vancouver Whitecaps- Primary Kit

The Whitecaps have always had some of the best white home jerseys, but not this year. This year they will wear pajamas as their home jerseys. Why triangles? If they wanted to put rain drops on the jersey they should have just done that. At least the Whitecaps have a beautiful secondary jersey.    


How sports games condition us to love sports

With the impending Whitecaps MLS season upon us, I started to think the other day how I even began to love the sport of soccer. Soccer in North America is only just growing to become a major sport and the cities I’ve lived in (Seattle and Vancouver) have only in the last few years had MLS soccer teams. 2009 is the year the MLS welcomed the Seattle Sounders into the league, but somehow I was a soccer fan years before that. How though did I become a fan of the sport when soccer was few and far between on TV back in the first decade of the millennium? The answer to that question is video games.

Sports video games are the reason for much of my love for sports along with thousands of other sports gamers. Gamers, specially sports gamers constantly trash sports games. From their hate of game mechanics, how the computer plays, or the glitches that accompany the game, gamers forget what the games have done for them. My experience is similar to many other sports fans and sports gamers that are around today. I hated soccer before 2006. I hated going to all of my sisters game, I thought it was boring and dull, and just a sport for kids. I then recieved FIFA World Cup 2006 for Xbox 360 from a family friend working at EA. Holy smokes that game became the equivalent of crack to me. I couldn’t stop playing. The feeling of scoring goals and watching the net ripple, winning close games, and lifting the World Cup trophy over and over was so magical. My love for the game carried over into watching the 2006 World Cup. I began to hate teams like Italy because they were good in the game and rooted for teams like Ghana because they were an underdog. Watching buildups and goals being scored by the world’s top players helped increase my skill in game as I learned different dynamics to help build my own scoring chances. Watching real soccer benefited my game playing, but my video game playing helped me fall in love with soccer. The funny thing was I wasn’t the only one. My friend started playing the game with me and soon he owned the game himself. As friends we never really sat down and watched sports together, but in the summer of 2006 that changed. We sat intently watching the final between France and Italy all the way through with the ups and downs, the famous Zidane head butt and Italy’s win in penalties. We were actually so upset with the result of the game, we booted up the 360 and replayed the game ourselves and kicked Italy’s ass.

One of the most important parts of my history is the day I received Madden 2001. It was really the first sports game I really had ever played. And just like that I was a huge football fan. Having only ever watched one football game in my life, Super Bowl XXXIV the year before, Madden 2001 taught me that football is my one true love. I played through franchise mode season after season as the Seahawks and learned all the players name, their positions, and even the players on other teams. I learned the ins and outs of the sport. I began to understand the playbooks and what each position did. I helped Shaun Alexander become an MVP years before he would do it in real life. When I began to play football in the 7th grade, I used Madden and ESPN 2k to learn my positions. I practiced reading holes and the defensive alignments. Football games helped me up my knowledge of the game, but most importantly it taught me that football is the greatest sport of all time. I owe Madden and even ESPN 2K for helping me realize my fondness for the game of football.

The point of this article is to remind gamers and sports fans that even though games like Madden, and FIFA have become lazy and often lack real improvements year to year, these games are responsible for helping us appreciate sports we enjoy today. I know a lot of people, and have read posts about people hating soccer before playing FIFA. Once they started playing the game they started to appreciate the sport for what it was. I can almost guarantee that the success and reach of the FIFA video games have helped spread the love for the sport here in North America. So sports fans and gamers remember next time you’re frustrated playing an EA Sports game or 2K or whatever sports developer makes the game you play, these are the games that have helped us learn and appreciate sports. Even if you were a sports fan before the games, you have to agree that the games have only made you a smarter sports fan. Think about it. You learn about more players in the respective leagues. This is especially true about FIFA. Ultimate team players find obscure players around the world that help their teams out in games. I’m one of those guys that wikipedia players I sign or earn in game. And boom I’m now a little more knowledgeable about the world of soccer.

If you want to get into a sport, learn little more about it and the players, then play their video games. Trust me when I say they are incredibly beneficial to becoming a knowledgeable hardcore sports fan. I plan on buying the MLB The Show, Playstation’s baseball video game this coming season just so I can become more of a baseball aficionado. Sports are my life, and it’s honestly thanks to sports video games. Younger generations are going to have similar stories to mine, learning to love sports through playing sports, and their video game counterparts. It’s the future. I’m sure VR will bring the next level of sports games and put us in a game without having to leave our house. Now that will be a learning experience.

MLB introducing new rule to speed up games

I’m not a die hard baseball fan, but I am a fan of the MLB’s local team, the Seattle Mariners. Any chance I get I’ll watch an M’s game, but often I have baseball games on TV in the background as I do other things. Baseball is the best background sport because of it’s slower pace of action. In recent years the MLB have attempted to speed the game up in order to keep the attention of fans and people like me. They especially have been targeting younger generations who are now growing up with higher paced sports leagues that are gaining popularity, like MLS soccer. Well now the MLB is reportedly creating a new rule to speed the game up even more. The league has decided to eliminate intentional walks. So instead managers can choose to intentionally walk someone from the dugout rather than have their pitchers purposely lob balls to their catchers. So instead of pitching intentional walks, the batter will be told to just take first base.

The new rule will save a minimal amount of time considering the fact that intentional walks are rarely happening in recent seasons. According to ESPN, intentional walks are declining with only 932 occurring in the entirety of the 2016 season. This translates to one every 2.6 games. With that in mind the rule change is almost pointless. If there are no intentional walks in a game no time is even saved. Games will continue to take the same amount of time even with this addition to the rule book.

Intentional walks shouldn’t take long in the first place. All pitchers have to do is lob a ball to their catchers, that’s it. No wind up or anything like that is necessary. It also is removing the element of mistakes from the game. Teams can benefit from an errant pitch, and without that threat the game becomes boring. Isn’t that the problem they are trying to solve? To me the rule change doesn’t make sense. I believe the league is attempting to make it seem like they are working on pace of game when really they are aren’t doing much of that at all. I’m still looking forward to opening day on April 2nd with or without intentional walks.

NASA announces new planetary discoveries

The universe is pretty big. In fact it’s constantly expanding and we as humans will never know everything that’s truly out there. NASA pushes the boundaries of knowledge of our universe. They now have discovered seven Earth sized planets that are orbiting a single star in the Trappist-1 system some 39-light years away. Three of these planets are in the habitable zone, much like Earth is in our solar system. While all seven could possibly hold water the three in the middle are almost certain to have it on the planet’s surface. That means that those three planets could possibly be able to support life and may already have organisms on them. Obviously this is most likely the closest we have ever come to discovering the possibilities of life outside of our solar system.

Trappist-1 was discovered in 2011, but only last year did NASA announce that it was the host of three different exoplanets. They actually were the first three exoplanets to ever be found around a dwarf star. Thanks to NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope launched in 2003, scientists were able to observe the changes in light as the planets passed by the star. The changes in light gave scientists a way to detect the size of each of the planets. Very cool stuff.

The star is a tiny ultra-cool dwarf star only slightly bigger than the size of Jupiter. The star has the ability to last for another 5 trillion years! That means even in the unlikely chance that life doesn’t yet exist on one of the seven planets, it’s highly probable that the planets will develop life through evolution sometime in the next 5 trillion years. This is a huge discovery and it makes me feel really small in comparison to the surrounding universe. In the coming years we are going to learn more and more about the Trappist-1 system and life outside of the Milky-Way.

Dates have been announced for Pemberton Music Festival

Get ready all you music lovers, this summer you’ll need to hit up Pemberton for another 4 days of camping, jamming out to live performances and all around festival fun. The Pemberton Music Festival is back for a fourth straight year and organizers Huka Entertainment have released the dates you’ll need to plan for.

This year the festival begins on July 13th and will go on until July 16th. Huka Entertainment’s chairman and CEO A.J. Niland said in a statement “For the last four years, the community of Pemberton has opened their arms to help us welcome fans far and wide to experience an incredible musical event in the best place on Earth,” He continued saying “This year we are rolling out various enhancements to super-serve our tens of thousands of campers, including ridesharing, making it easier than ever for fans to attend with their friends.”

Early bird tickets go on sale Thursday February, 23rd and will set festival goers back $299, and will allow the option for camping and parking passes. You’ll also have a chance buy super VIP tickets that cost $1,799. Buying tickets early are a bit of a gamble at this point considering the line-up for the festival hasn’t been released yet. Pemberton has hosted giant names in the music industry at past festivals such as Kendrick Lamar, The Chainsmokers, J.Cole, Deadmau5, The Killers, and even Snoop Dog. If you’re a festival lover buying early is probably a deal, but I’d hold out until knowing exactly who will be playing at the 4 days event.

WATCH: The first full clip from the upcoming Beauty and the Beast

Disney live action remakes are all the rage now a days. We’ve had the Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon come out to critical acclaim. Recently Jon Favreau, director of the upcoming live action Lion King, announced the latest Hollywood stud, Donald Glover, as the voice of Simba. Disney’s next live action film, Beauty and the Beast, will grace theaters across the world very soon and in anticipation with the upcoming Disney has done something nice for fans. With less than a month away Disney has decided to tease us all with the first full clip of the classic remake.

The scene depicts Belle (Emma Watson) setting out into town to return a book to the library, she and the world around her break into the song “Belle” from the opening of the original animated movie. Beauty and the Beast will be the first of the live action Disney movies to feature heavy use of song and performances by their actors, something that most animated Disney movies center on. The short minute long clip focuses on Emma Watson and the her ability to perform not only song, but her portrayal of Belle.

The movie follows Belle who falls in love with a shut in beast of a prince (Dan Stevens) while having to fight off the advances of town hunk Gaston (Luke Evans). The cast also includes Sir Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza and Ewan McGregor as Lumiere. You can watch the full movie when it reaches cinemas on March 17th. Until then enjoy the first magical scene from the film.   

There’s a new Oreo flavour out and you’ll either love or hate it

If you love Oreos get ready to rot your teeth out with the newest flavour of the cookie. Nabisco has come out with Peeps flavoured Oreos just in time for Easter! Yay! The smashed up Peeps will be stuffed between two vanilla flavored pieces of cookie rather than the chocolate flavoured original. Peeps are those weird shaped animal marshmallows covered in even more sugar. So really the Peeps Oreos are just pink marshmallow in between the cookies.

Peeps are either something people desperately crave during Easter time or something people hate more then the devil himself. So Nabisco is taking a gamble with this limited time flavour. It’s gonna be a hit or a miss. Why not just leave foods alone? Why do we always have to have these weird varieties of flavours? Lays should come out with Peeps flavoured chips, those would be great. Last year Nabisco made Swedish Fish flavoured Oreos. Combining candy with other candy should be reserved for the home experiments. They should not be marketed and placed on shelves. You’re taking the fun out of making our own concoctions Nabisco! Stop it please!

Will you try the new Peeps Oreos or will you be fending them off with a stick? Let us know down below your feelings on the Frankenstein like cookie.

The Lego Batman Movie: Review

Lego isn’t just for kids. No it’s never been just for kids. Lego is fun, it let’s you be creative and of course relive being young. After seeing The Lego Batman Movie I can say with 100 percent certainty that the movies accomplish the exact same thing as the product they base themselves around. I remember when The Lego Movie was first released back in 2014 many of my friends believed it to be a kids movie. I honestly felt like that movie was more enjoyable as an adult. It’s actual message was that being an adult doesn’t need to be boring. Lego and the newest film in the franchise can be enjoyed by any age group. The Lego Batman Movie continues that trend into proving that Lego can entertain many different types of people.

It’s pretty evident that the creators of the Lego movies know exactly what their doing. Similarly to it’s predecessor The Lego Batman Movie fills the screen with absurdity that just makes you smile. It’s hard not to laugh and giggle at the charm the little mini figures create. And underneath it all the movie makes the point that family and friends are the most important thing in life. Wholesome movies that aren’t cheesy are hard to come by nowadays. By combining properties like Batman and Lego, the creators have managed to create something audiences of two different genres can enjoy. Kids especially will love to see the crime fighting hero in Lego form.

The movie focuses on Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) and overcoming his lonely lifestyle. By developing relationships with orphan Dick Grayson aka Robin (Michael Cera), and new commissioner Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson), Batman begins to believe that working alone as the vigilante Dark Knight isn’t as great as it’s made out to be. Along with learning about friendship, the movie follows Batman’s obsession of sending the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) to the Phantom Zone. This comes after the Joker, believing that Batman doesn’t hate him enough, turns himself in and is sent to jail. The whole plot is nonsensical and not as grievous as past Batman movies, but duh this is Lego Batman after all. In fact the conclusion to the movie is so outlandishly unconventional that all you can do is smile and laugh. It’s honestly great and a moment that should go down in cinematic history.

The movie addresses the dark and brooding Batman’s of past movies. It’s even mentioned by Alfred in the movie that Bruce Wayne has gone through depressing times and then lists every movie Batman has ever been in. It’s a joke making fun of the fact Batman is becoming overused in the world of film. The movie sets out to fix that problem. Calling back to older Batman movies and catching references to them are great easter eggs for Batman and comic book fans, something kids most likely won’t get. The difference between this movie and past movies is the fact that Lego brightens and livens the world of the Batman. It establishes a Gotham that I wouldn’t even mind living in. Even the bad guys are made to look like they are no longer sinister beings. Instead we get a world that is very much like it was built with bricks of Lego. This brings out the charm and helps erase the feeling of watching yet another dark depressing Batman movie. Without Lego, who would actually want to see yet another Batman film? I know I wouldn’t.
The Lego Batman Movie is truthfully worth seeing even if you don’t have kids to take. It’s a laugh out loud, colorful take on Batman that is self aware of itself which is actually a great thing! Now we wait for the next film in the Lego franchise, The Lego Ninjago Movie due out on September 22nd!

Speculation to new Star Wars title is possibly solved

Last month Star Wars Episode 8’s title was released and we began to speculate what the title could mean. Well now we know thanks to Germany! The title The Last Jedi is plural. I repeat, the title is plural. That means there isn’t just one Jedi left, there will be at least two or possibly more!

Here’s how we know. In Germany the word “last” in the movie title is the plural version. The title, Die Letzten Jedi, is seen here using that plural version, therefore we can conclude that there will be more Jedi in the upcoming movie.

Because of this discovery I believe that Luke won’t meet his demise, and Rey is definitely going to become a Jedi by the end of the movie. Another thing to note what the release of Hasbro’s toy package design which features Rey wielding the Skywalker family lightsaber. This is still all purely speculation after all. Luke could still die and the title could be referring to Jedi we haven’t been introduced to yet. In any case it just brings more excitement to the release of the next entry to series. April’s Star Wars celebration may be our first glimpse at a trailer. Until then may the force be with you all.

Linkin Park releases new single from upcoming album

Linkin Park was that entry level rock band that teenagers could get into to show their teenage angst. We’ve all grown up with them since their formation in 1996. The band has released over the years many different rock anthems some much better than others (“In the End,” “Bleed it Out”), and even songs that became themes for hit movies like Transformers (“What I’ve Done”). Now 20 plus years since their formation, the band has released a brand new song titled “Heavy” from their upcoming May 19th release of One More Light. Well that song is anything, but heavy.

Featuring pop singer Kiiara, the song is a reflection of every damn pop song that exists on top 40 radio stations today. The song is not a rap-rock collaboration between lead singer Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, but rather some type of mixture between pop rock, and dance music that we are now accustomed to hearing. The duet between Kiiara and Bennington are soothing to the ears, and honestly Kiiara showcases a strong vocal performance for an up and coming artist. The song just doesn’t do what it should do as a Linkin Park song. It sounds like a song adhering to the rules of what pop music should sound like. The band has followed the recipe for a chart topping hit, which means using a lack of creativity and a guest voice to carry the song.

It seems like bands nowadays often create singles that are radio friendly. That was my first thought hearing the song. They just released a new song after a long time with no new music and they need the radio exposure. Well I guess that’s not actually the case. According to an interview with Billboard, Mike Shinoda has said that the entirety of the new album sounds similar to this single. The singer says,”This wasn’t a scenario where the whole album sounds one way and the single sounds different. This is how the album sounds.” Well damn. I guess for fans of the band that want more “heavy” music, you’ll just have to wait this album out. I’ll still give the it a chance, but it’s on a short leash as of right now.

Check it out for yourself down below and let us know how you feel about the band’s latest release.

Comedian Will Sasso starts his own YouTube channel and creates short film, “Follow Me”

Former Mad TV cast member, Three Stooges star and B.C born comedian Will Sasso has started his own YouTube that showcases the realistic struggle of attempting to be a social media mogul. It was only a few years ago that Sasso was making waves on Vine with his own account. His 6 second videos would often depict him vomiting lemons in everyday situations, and helped him amass 2 million followers.

Sasso’s one video on his newly formed account is a 12 minute mockumentary titled “Follow Me.” The short film is about staying relevant as a social media celebrity while balancing marriage and being a dad. The short was written by Sasso, along with director Marshall Cook. Sasso plays the main character Darren Marsh, a man invested in his social media “empire.”

The video is a funny take, but wholly realistic look at what people do to stay relevant on the internet. Sure it’s easy to become internet famous for a minute, but it’s a fleeting experience. Some people get hooked on that feeling and yean for likes, views, and shares. Sasso brilliantly mocks that feeling and his character finally pays a price for it all. It’s not only a humorous short film, but it’s also a lesson that many people, especially millennials need to learn. In life there is always more important things then how many people are interested in your hundreds of posts. Take your eyes off your phone for a second and go hug your family dang it!

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy gets a release date

Remember back in the days of the original Playstation and playing Crash Bandicoot? Remember wondering what the hell a bandicoot was? Relive those nostalgic days with remastered HD Crash Bandicoot games on the PS4 starting on June 30th. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has received the June release date and will feature the iconic character in full remastered glory. The trilogy will cost $39.99, a good deal for three of the best Playstation games to ever be released.

The set of games will contain the three first games in the Crash series. Those include Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Each game will be remastered in full HD, with new animations, redesigned cut scenes and a remastered soundtrack.

The announcement of the trio of remastered games was announced at last summer’s E3. I hope that the games are well received and snatched up by gamers new and old. If the games sell well enough current developer Vicarious Visions will have to take notice and finally start work on a current gen Crash game. It’s what we Playstation gamers have all been waiting on. The remakes are supposedly rebuilt from the ground up, which means the developers have the means and ability to create a brand new game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trilogy is a way to test the gaming market to see if there’s still interest in a nearly 20 year old character. Why take all the effort into putting triple A effort into a remake if it isn’t a test to see how gamers react to a modern day Crash? I’m sure I speak for most gamers when I say please bring us more Crash Bandicoot in the coming years!

Pokemon Go adding 80 new generation 2 Pokemon

The highly successful Pokemon Go app is receiving new Pokemon from the second generation of monsters. Creators Niantic are adding 80 new Pokemon from the Silver and Gold editions of the actual games. There’s no specific list of which Pokemon will make their way onto the screens of trainers devices, but the starters from the second generation such as Totodile, Chikorita, and Cyndaquil will all be present.

Players who have been playing since the the release of the game in the summer have no doubt run into the same Pokemon over and over again at this point. The release of my Pokemon will be refreshing to players who are starting to find the game dull. It may also bring players back who have decided to put the game down.

Niantic will also be introducing new items to the game. These items consist of new ways to evolve your Pokemon and purchasable outfits to dress them up with. The company also have a new berries to share with trainers that will making catching your favorite gen 2 Pokemon much easier.

Vancouver Whitecaps welcome striker Fredy Montero to the team

The Vancouver Whitecaps are making moves in order to make a push for an MLS cup. The team has snapped up former Seattle Sounder and 3 time MLS all-star Fredy Montero on loan from Chinese Super League team Tianjin Teda. The Colombian striker left the Sounders in 2013 as the team’s highest goal scorer with 60 goals in 160 matches. He spent the next few years playing in Portugal for Sporting C.P scoring 37 goals in all competitions including appearances in UEFA Champions League play.

Now Montero has made his way back to MLS and to Vancouver as the newest designated player for the Whitecaps. The ‘Caps are attempting to boost their attack in order to complete their quest for a playoff birth and their first playoff win. With games in both MLS, and CONCACAF Champions League this season the Whitecaps were in desperate need for a player that can score goals reliably.

The chances of a winning season have been automatically boosted with the arrival of Montero. He is a known and established MLS vet that has experience playing in Europe. It’s exactly what the struggling Whitecaps need. The team has been without a competent constant goal scoring threat since Camilo’s dramatic exit in 2014. The Whitecaps have a more than good enough defense and a midfield that is scary fast and now a number 9 who is a significant threat.

As long as the team stays healthy and continues to add another new player or two to shore up the attack, the Whitecaps can easily make it into the playoffs. The disdain for Erik Hurtado is well documented here in Vancouver, but if the guy can come off the bench and run at a tired defense the guy is gonna get goals, and his confidence will boost. A one two punch attack of Montero and Hurtado is good enough for the beginning of the season in my opinion. We just need to see how well it works and if be, grab another striker off the summer transfer market.

Montero is a welcome addition to the team and it’s boost for fans trust in the front office. Clearly they are working hard to make the team better even if they are waiting close to the last minute.

Gamecube games possibly coming to Nintendo Switch virtual console

The release of the Nintendo Switch is just around the corner and while excitement is close to hitting it’s peak there is still news coming out about the console. According to a recent interview with French publication Melty, Nintendo’s deputy general manager Yoshiaki Koizumi dropped hints that Gamecube games will be coming to the Switch’s virtual console. Koizumi said “We can not really answer with precision because we have not announced anything about it at this time. What I can tell you is that we are working on things that go in that direction.”

Koizumi didn’t clarify what “things” they are working on, but there’s still a chance that Nintendo is working on bringing Gamecube games to the virtual console. Games such as Super Smash Bro’s Melee are still played today. By bringing Gamecube games to the virtual console Nintendo could be creating a big cash grab .

Gamers hoping for the games to appear on the virtual console will have to hold their breath though. Nintendo has had the ability to bring them to former consoles such as the Wii U and have decided against it. Maybe that changes with the Switch, maybe it doesn’t we’ll just have to wait and see after March 3rd when the Switch is released.

Review: John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 is what all sequels should aspire to be. It builds on the beautiful well crafted choreographed action scenes of the original and expands on the mastery of John Wick the character.

The original movie gave us a taste of the secret world of assassins, a world hidden from the eye of the general public. With Chapter 2  we get a more in-depth look at how that world works and functions. It’s a society of it’s own with rules, and laws that affect the actions of the assassins that are apart of it. John learns this the hard way as his second stint of retirement ends almost as soon as it begins when he’s called back into a life he hoped he could put behind him.

The movie explores John Wick much more than the last. John is a hardened tired man wishing to just be done with the life he is so good at. His frustrations and desire for a life outside of the world he once escaped is the driving point of the movie. And as the sequel continues to move along John becomes increasingly fed up with a world that is slowly turning on the greatest assassin of them all. Wick’s boiling point comes and sets up what will no doubt be a chapter 3 in the near future. It’s ironic that to escape this world he no longer wants to be apart of he must continue to kill or die himself.

John Wick’s action scenes are no doubt the focal point of the movie. The scenes in Chapter 2 needed to one up the former movie, and it easily does. John Wick is the best of the best and easily takes care of hundreds of enemies. You would think that gets boring after awhile, but the movie makes John dispose of each baddie with an artistic like approach. The underground paths through Rome act as a stage for John to dance his way through killing scores of villains. It’s a ballet of bullets, and hand to hand combat that doesn’t dull throughout the extent of the scene. The beauty of the action scenes, is what causes a movie like John Wick, that’s jam packed with killing, to never get to a point of dullness.

The best part of the movie in my opinion is the subliminal humor. The movie doesn’t point out where the audience needs to laugh. Instead the humor flows naturally through clever action scenes, or Keanu Reeves dry delivery of lines.

John Wick: Chapter 2 is a must watch especially for those that love classic action movies.

American Idol could be making a comeback

Last year American Idol said its goodbyes as their network, Fox, ended the shows 15 season run. Now NBC is in talks with the shows production company FremantleMedia about the possibility of bringing the show to their network. As reported by VarietyFremantle has recently been pitching to different networks the possibility of an American Idol revival with NBC taking the lead in interest.

The original series lasted for 15 years on Fox starting back in 2002. The show, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, was the highest rated show on TV in 2006. Nearing the end of it’s run the show began to lose viewership leading to Fox finally deciding to pull the plug.

It’s not surprising that the show could be coming back. The show is an iconic part of pop culture. American Idol helped launch the careers of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson. If NBC picks the show up for next season, the rating giant will have another hit on their hands. Fans of the show will flock back to see a revival. Those who stopped watching years ago might be interested in a newer version of the series as well. Whatever happens NBC will win big if they can obtain the show all to themselves.

Star Wars Land has an opening date

Disney has officially given Star Wars Land an opening date. 2019 will be the year Star Wars fans get to personally experience the universe envisioned by George Lucas. Star Wars Land will take place on a currently unnamed planet in the outer- rim.

In 2015 fans of Disney and Star Wars were told expansions to both Disneyland and Disney World would be each 14 acres. It is currently known that a Millennium Falcon ride will reside in the new area, along with a market and restaurant. Construction started back in April of 2016.

I’ve already started saving up for a trip to Star Wars Land so it’s nice to know when the park is set to open. I’m sure in the next couple years we’ll continue to learn much more about the galactic themed expansion. Until we’ll all have to be tied over by the yearly releases of new Star Wars films.

Jimmy Eat World have announced Canadian tour dates

Arizona rockers Jimmy Eat World are coming to Canadian cities in April and May. The band has announced tour dates for some of Canada’s major cities, with the tour starting in our beautiful city of Vancouver on April 26th. With the release of their ninth album Integrity Blues the band will finish up a U.S. tour, before traveling to South America, and after that Vancouver. The Canadian leg of the tour ends in Toronto on July 22nd.

Integrity Blues was released October 21st, and has garnered positive reviews. It’s a refreshingly new Jimmy Eat World album.

The band was last on tour in 2014 for their 10th anniversary tour for their 2004 album Futures. This will be their first tour in years covering a brand new album after the band took a break at the end of 2014.

If you want to follow the band around Canada, check out the tour dates below!


04/26 – Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom

04/28 – Calgary, AB @ Palace Theatre

04/29 – Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room

04/30 – Saskatoon, SK @ O’Brians Event Centre

05/01 – Winnipeg, MB @ Garrick Centre

05/09 – London, ON @ London Music Hall

05/10 – Ottawa, ON  @ Algonquin Commons Theatre

07/22 – Toronto, ON @ Budweiser Stage*


The NFL’s overtime rule is the dumbest of all professional sports

Super Bowl 51 ended with a coin flip, plain and simple. The Patriots marched down the field after winning the overtime coin toss and electing to receive. They scored quickly and the Lombardi Trophy was theirs without Atlanta ever having a chance to answer back. One of the most epic Super Bowls of all time was ruined by a simplistic overtime rule. This is the most recent and prime example of why the NFL’s overtime rule is beyond terrible.

As of right now the rules for overtime go as follows. If you win the coin toss you can elect to receive or kick. Whoever scores a touchdown first wins the game. If the first team to have the ball kicks a field goal, the second team has a chance to score. If the first team scores no points and the other team scores even a single point the game is over. The NFL realized in 2012 how stupid their original rules were and changed them. Before 2012 winning the coin toss was entirely too important. Teams would win and only have to get into field goal range to kick a game winning field goal, and the other team would never have a chance to even touch the ball.. So to combat it they created the rules that now exist for overtime. Yet the coin toss still is entirely way to important in determining the victor as we saw in Super Bowl 51.

Look at other professional sports. The NHL decides regular season games in a shootout which is also, in my opinion, a dumb way to pick a winner, but you have to remember hockey is a grueling sport with 82 games.The NHL is smart enough to change the rules come playoffs. They continue to play full periods until someone scores the golden goal. It’s perfect, it’s exciting. The NBA doesn’t change their overtime. They continue to play until someone has more points after extra time. These two leagues give each team a fair shot at winning. They are not left up to the fate of a coin.

The NFL needs to adopt college football overtime rules. In college football each team gets the ball on the 25 yard line, and they attempt to score from there. If the game is still tied after two tries by each team then you must go for 2pt conversions. Why can’t the NFL do this? Put the ball on the 50 so that field goals aren’t automatic and let the defense and offense battle it out equally. The way it is now is so anti-climatic. The ending of Super Bowl 51 didn’t seem special as a neutral even with the Patriots historic comeback. It blows my mind that they can’t even have a different set of rules for big games such as the playoffs. In big games like the Super Bowl how is it ok to have one team possess the ball for the entirety of overtime and then the game be over? Seriously NFL you are the biggest and most profitable sports league in North America, you need to get your crap together. Sudden death in football is stupid in a game of possession. It’s time to drop this terrible tradition and move on.