Ultimate Beastmaster: A Review

I am not a reality show person, I’m just not. I was never a big fan of Survivor or things like that, but for some odd reason, like how the ocean calls Moana, I felt something that made me start watching Ultimate Beastmaster. Now yes, I know that name is a tad ridiculous but hear me out, something about this show makes it a little addicting (maybe it’s because Netflix understands what we as their consumers love), it’s produced by Sylvester Stallone which is why he’ll pop in for an episode for literally 30 seconds and disappear after that.

The premise of the show is that it’s a difficult obstacle course that they call ‘The Beast’ and there are two competitors from six different countries: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Japan, South Korea trying to complete it. Now not only are there different competitors from different countries but also hosts! Each country has their own set of two hosts/commentators for the competition (Germany Netflix gets the German people and so forth), and since there isn’t any Canada team, we get good ole Terry Crews and Charissa Thompson.

So not only is this reality show fun to watch but honestly what makes it fun and different is taking the simple premise of a reality show and flipping it on it’s head in a way, with Netflix tailoring the same competition to different markets. This makes for a fun watch because I found myself slowly falling in love with the South Korean hosts (Seo Kyung Suk & Park Kyung-lim).

The obstacle course has four levels, with things ranging from rock climbing, cable webs and attempting to get through a tube before it sinks. Occasionally the show will change things up, making things slightly harder or often just changing between a metal chain or rope.

Another enjoyable thing about this show is just how corny is (that’s what makes it so great), with each time contestants fall in the water hosts yell ‘Into the blood they go’ like they signed a contract for their lives that said you must never, ever refer to the water as water. I sort of love it. Even if you aren’t a big fan of these kind of reality shows (I sure wasn’t before this), it’s worth a watch even if you’re just in it to watch Terry Crews.

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