Pokemon Go adding 80 new generation 2 Pokemon

The highly successful Pokemon Go app is receiving new Pokemon from the second generation of monsters. Creators Niantic are adding 80 new Pokemon from the Silver and Gold editions of the actual games. There’s no specific list of which Pokemon will make their way onto the screens of trainers devices, but the starters from the second generation such as Totodile, Chikorita, and Cyndaquil will all be present.

Players who have been playing since the the release of the game in the summer have no doubt run into the same Pokemon over and over again at this point. The release of my Pokemon will be refreshing to players who are starting to find the game dull. It may also bring players back who have decided to put the game down.

Niantic will also be introducing new items to the game. These items consist of new ways to evolve your Pokemon and purchasable outfits to dress them up with. The company also have a new berries to share with trainers that will making catching your favorite gen 2 Pokemon much easier.

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