High Speed Train from Vancouver to Seattle!

If you are one of the many people who loves taking trips down to Seattle for Seahawks games, or tax free shopping sprees in Portland, there may be a quicker way to get there in the near future. This will all be possible if this new project for a high speed train gets approved. The train would link Vancouver, Seattle and Portland together and cut down the travel time of 3 hours to 1 hour. Washington Governor Jay Inslee has proposed a $1 million study in his 2017-2019 budget to study the feasibility of this project. The High speed train is defined by going as fast as 250 miles per hour, or 400 kilometres per hour.

Some of the reasons that support this proposal are:

  • This area is geographically perfect for a train of this sort.
  • The train would link three large cities that allows for easier transportation between them.
  • As for the economy, this would allow growth for businesses, because it brings more people traffic to these areas.
  •  This would add as a good alternative to congested highways and full airports.

And the thoughts against this decision:

  • Cost is a big one, as this project will need a budget of billions of dollars.
  • This will be a large project and the train will need sufficient space.
  • Environmentally wanting to avoid of running train through the Cascadia Region.

The report needs to be completed and presented to the legislature by December, 15 2017.

“The freeways are full. The airports are full, he said. So you’re looking at those capacities, thinking, well if we’re going to continue to grow, then we’re going to have to come up with a better way.” – Mark Hallenbeck is the director of the Washington State Transportation Center —Interview with Global BC

For the full interview with Global click here. 

Here’s an idea of what you can expect this to look like.

One thought on “High Speed Train from Vancouver to Seattle!

  1. Interesting. I drive a lot of people between Vancouver and Seattle. They mostly want to fly out of Seattle instead of Vancouver because of better flight selection and it’s often cheaper to fly out of Seattle instead of Vancouver. This train would be an amazing option for people wanting to get to Seattle Airport from Vancouver. That’s a huge time saver as well as money saver too, I’m sure.
    Any estimates on costs per passenger for the trip from Vancouver to Seattle?

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