Being Undead Has Never Been So Funny: Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant star in the hilarious new Netflix TV series Santa Clarita Diet, about a suburban family attempting to deal with one of the family members exhibiting symptoms of being undead, and how to handle it as a family. I came into the show not knowing too much what it was about, just that it involved zombies (which I am always on board for), but boy was I sucked into one episode in.

I didn’t know Drew Barrymore was starring in it until I watched it, if I have known I would have started watching it earlier. Barrymore plays Sheila, a real estate agent married to her partner Joel who is played by Olyphant. We find out that Sheila is not her usual self after a large vomiting incident at one of their homes they were trying to sell, with her eventually not sleeping and growing more impulsive as each day passes. We eventually learn with the help of their neighbour that Sheila is undead, and in order to survive she’s has to eat humans. The couple starts casually murdering people in comedic ways in order to feed Sheila.

The writing itself is great, though at some points it can get a little dull, I do get a honest laugh every ten minutes while watching the show, which is something I haven’t experienced in awhile. This show is honestly a must watch, it’s hilarious, fresh and adds a fun new twist on the usually depressing zombie genre.

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