Review: John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 is what all sequels should aspire to be. It builds on the beautiful well crafted choreographed action scenes of the original and expands on the mastery of John Wick the character.

The original movie gave us a taste of the secret world of assassins, a world hidden from the eye of the general public. With Chapter 2  we get a more in-depth look at how that world works and functions. It’s a society of it’s own with rules, and laws that affect the actions of the assassins that are apart of it. John learns this the hard way as his second stint of retirement ends almost as soon as it begins when he’s called back into a life he hoped he could put behind him.

The movie explores John Wick much more than the last. John is a hardened tired man wishing to just be done with the life he is so good at. His frustrations and desire for a life outside of the world he once escaped is the driving point of the movie. And as the sequel continues to move along John becomes increasingly fed up with a world that is slowly turning on the greatest assassin of them all. Wick’s boiling point comes and sets up what will no doubt be a chapter 3 in the near future. It’s ironic that to escape this world he no longer wants to be apart of he must continue to kill or die himself.

John Wick’s action scenes are no doubt the focal point of the movie. The scenes in Chapter 2 needed to one up the former movie, and it easily does. John Wick is the best of the best and easily takes care of hundreds of enemies. You would think that gets boring after awhile, but the movie makes John dispose of each baddie with an artistic like approach. The underground paths through Rome act as a stage for John to dance his way through killing scores of villains. It’s a ballet of bullets, and hand to hand combat that doesn’t dull throughout the extent of the scene. The beauty of the action scenes, is what causes a movie like John Wick, that’s jam packed with killing, to never get to a point of dullness.

The best part of the movie in my opinion is the subliminal humor. The movie doesn’t point out where the audience needs to laugh. Instead the humor flows naturally through clever action scenes, or Keanu Reeves dry delivery of lines.

John Wick: Chapter 2 is a must watch especially for those that love classic action movies.

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