Restaurant Review: Score on Davie

Photo Courtesy of Vancity Buzz

Over the summer, one of the funnest and diverse cocktail menus I’ve ever been to was definitely the Score on Davie. The have fair priced drinks with daily specials and provide a welcoming and upbeat atmosphere to enjoy a night of socializing among family and friends. What they are mainly known for now are their Caesar specials! They have a handle of your typical Caesar drinks, but the garnishes that are used are phenomenal.

The Caesar drink options include: The Chicken & Waffle Caesar, The Grilled Chaesar, The Ain’t no Thang, The Checkmate, and The Mac & Chaesar. I ordered The Grilled Chaesar because I was dying to have some grilled cheese. The garnishes are grilled and deep fried, so it’s guaranteed to be good. Also, it’s just something more advanced than a simple celery stick, beans, and olives.

The restaurant provides a laid back and relax atmosphere. The servers are extremely nice and seem to really enjoy their job. No one seems stressed and angry; they all reflect off a strong positive vibe that makes you want to enjoy a few more drinks and continue socializing for the night. After enjoying the night, I realized that I spent three hours at the score and should probably stop drinking and call it a night.

If you haven’t checked out the Score on Davie, I recommend you should. They are known for their Caesars, but the food is also delicious! It’s located on Davie Street and in between Jervis St and Bute St. I’ll see you there!

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