Making Contact – Thursday November 20th

One thought on “Making Contact – Thursday November 20th

  1. Thanks to Evolution 107.9 for the interviews with my son Jeremy Abbott.We as his parents are very proud of Jeremy and what he has accomplished and stand behind everything he has done with this project and more.What Jeremy didn’t mention is that he also was the brains and camera and editor behind the Kidney foundations junk car campaign and numerous other projects he has done, some with Jon and some on his own, not to mention that he has a great voice for doing narrating of documentaries as seen in this interview and others he has done.I know I am bias but that is my opinion.Also hats off to BCIT cause I think there program has been great and it seems like if you look at allot of the people who are involved in radio and television through out B.C. they have all got there start at BCIT.

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