BREAKING: Student employees directed to downplay peeping tom story


Email was sent to Link employees just before 11am (

Not only is the administration in hot water, now the Student Association is as well.

BCIT News has obtained an email from Dan Post, a member of the BCIT Student Association that directs members of the on campus publication LINK Magazine to downplay the incident:

You probably received this email below from the SA, since you’re all employees of the SA.
I just wanted to add, that if you are approached about this, or plan on reporting about this for BCIT mag or Evolution, or what have you, I would also suggest that you take this opportunity to promote all the positive BCIT student stories coming out of this campus and LINK magazine. Show them all the GREAT students that we spotlight in our magazine and on our website, and brag about the positive things happening in our pages. If they’re looking for a juicy student story from BCIT for their homepages, point them towards our Student Spotlights, or our thoughtful and amazing contributors. It’s a good way to turn a negative (kind of non-news story) into a positive thing while we have the attention of the world-at-large, even if just for a moment.
Dan Post | Publications Manager
BCIT Student Association
When reached for comment, Post explained why he sent the email today
“We do a lot of great work and a lot of awesome stories that I don’t think get picked up as often as they should. And if people are paying attention to BCIT at any time in large masses, we should always use the opportunity to promote the great stories, and reach a larger audience with the positive and student spotlight stories that we tend to do for the magazine”
Post was asked why he instructed Link employees to try and downplay a criminal incident on campus:
“…just because it is a negative kind of story, and we tend to do tons of positive stories. That’s kind of my personal opinion, and not really up for debate on whether or not it’s a news story”
Post demanded that BCIT News give up its source for the email; BCIT News refused, and Post hung up.